October 28, 2020

Clean fresh and comfortable bedding is a vital ingredient to a good night’s sleep. To ensure your bedroom is a relaxing and restful sleep space, now is the time to follow our Spring tips for your bedroom.


Before cleaning your bedding, we recommend always reading the care label for the best results. For any bedding that is washable, we usually recommend washing in a cold or warm machine wash on a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent and drying without delay.

After washing your sheets, shake to remove creasing. This will minimise the amount of ironing you'll need. Line drying them in the sun is the best way to ensure they retain their softness, silky feel and sheen. Exposure to sunlight will help eradicate any mildew spores or dust mites.  

Always ensure your bedding is completely dry before storing. Store your bedding in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and light, so it remains mildew-free.

TIP #2 - AIR

It is important to look after your quilt in order to prolong its life. Plump up your quilts and pillows regularly to maintain their shape and volume. Try to occasionally air your quilts and pillows in warm breezy weather to keep them plump and soft and maintain their freshness. Ensure you fluff or shake down quilts regularly to expand the down clusters with air and renew their loft.  


The bed is where you begin and end the day and where you spend nearly a third of your life. So why not make it the most comfortable spot in your home. If your bedding is showing signs of ageing or discomfort, now is the time to replace