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Indulge in effortlessly luxurious bedding

Gainsborough Home designs comfortable and stylish bed sets. As one of Australia’s premium bedding designers, our family-run business has been making quality linen homewares for over 30 years. Our design ethos is simple: create elegant spreads and accessories with natural fibres to accentuate their luxury comfort.

We believe the home should be a place to relax and unwind. It should be a retreat away from the stresses of everyday life, a place where friends and family come together to be at ease. Therefore, our wide collection seeks to enhance the home’s comfort and sense of ease, with ultra soft and indulgent fabrics making up our range. We make high quality quilts, pillows, blankets, throws and more, with each piece carrying the signature Gainsborough Home style.

We deliver our premium bedroom linen throughout Australia, so that people from Sydney to Perth and beyond can enjoy the unbridled contentment our designs create.

Our bedding sets are made for unwinding

Gainsborough Home doesn’t believe in making subpar bed linen. We are a label that puts our mind to designing the most congenial homewares with the highest quality fabrics. We know that when it comes to covers and coordinates, nothing is more important than a feeling of warmth and ease, and our collection is a testament to this notion.

Our online store showcases the best of our design principles: luxurious comfort and timeless elegance, with a dedication to ensuring our valued customers have everything they need for a restful night’s sleep. Browse our beautiful collection of quilts, blankets, throws, mattress protectors, towels and more, finding the designs that will give your home that added sense of serene luxury.

Want to learn more about our range?

Your home is your sanctuary; your place to relax, enjoy and feel that important sense of wellbeing you may be missing. Choosing the right homewares are important for this and our team is here to help you find them.

The Gainsborough Home team are on hand to help our valued clientele find exactly what they need for their home. Our dedicated team will help you decide on which homewares are right for your home and answer any questions you have regarding our products.

To find out more, please call Gainsborough Home on 1800 630 034 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page. We will reply as soon as possible and with all the information you require

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